Carol Es
Shulamit Gallery

March 26 – May 9, 2015


Exodus was a solo exhibition presenting a body of work by LA based multi-media artist Carol Es. The show was on view at Shulamit Gallery, Los Angeles, running from March 26, 2015 – May 9, 2015. This exhibition was guest curated by Anne Hromadka. 

The Gallery featured several bodies of work, each delving into Es’s experience near Joshua Tree National Park. Her journey to the edge of the wilderness and back again is conveyed in each brush stoke across the canvas, paper, and wood. 

During Spring 2014, LA based multi-media artist Carol Es took a ten-day exodus into Joshua Tree National Park in California. She spent this time in deep meditation and study, focusing on the Jewish mystical teachings known as Kabbalah. Es kept an ongoing journal, photographed her surroundings, created a blog documenting her process, made countless sketches, and began capturing DVD footage-- all of which would become her preliminary work and inspiration for this exhibition. 

Originally, she went to the desert in hopes of ridding herself of a lifetime of unwelcome baggage. Similar to the biblical figure, Moses, she fled into the desert landscape seeking freedom, revelation, wisdom, and insight. Like her ancient predecessor, Es discovered that the journeys we take often lead us down unexpected paths. 

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