Curatorial Approach

Anne Hromadka Greenwald's curatorial practice is rooted in a love for storytelling-- bringing together communities to explore their narratives in the public sphere through interactive design. Those values guide Hromadka Greenwald’s curatorial work, which includes her time directing two commercial galleries, working with the 2019 Jerusalem Biennale, as arts administrator for the Y&S Nazarian Family Foundation, and as the curator for Hebrew Union College (HUC-LA), a position she has held for over six years. She also runs her own nonprofit, NuART Projects, which raises funds to support local artists through community dinner parties. 

As founding co-Director of Shulamit Gallery, she helped shape the vision for a unique space to tell cultural stories. The first two exhibitions were held in collaboration with UCLA’s Fowler Museum, as satellite exhibitions of Light and Shadows: The Story of Iranian Jews. More recently, she curated Gary Baseman’s exhibition at Shulamit Gallery, and created a 3-D, room-sized birch forest to explore his parents’ partisan story from WWII. This interactive exhibition was recently on view in Edinburgh, Scotland at Summerhall the cities largest contemporary art venue in connection with the Fringe Festival. 

Hromadka Greenwald has also curated several significant exhibitions throughout Los Angeles. She has worked with many prominent national and international artists including: Ruth Weisberg, Tal Shochat, Orit Hofshi, Josh Dorman, Carol Es, Andi Arnovitz, Bill Aron, Marvin Rand, Doni Silver Simons, Jessica Shokrian, Stas Orlvoski and Gilah Yelin Hirsch.  

In 2015 and 2017, Hromadka Greenwald was selected to co-curate exhibitions debuting at the Jerusalem Biennale. The goal of each exhibition was to create a dialogue that extends beyond the exhibition in Jerusalem, and leads to a greater exchange of artistic ideas between Jerusalem and Los Angeles. For example, in 2015 we partnered with three regional institutions to curate tandem exhibitions in Southern California to extend the reach of the Biennale. Hromadka Greenwald was honored to join the 2019 Biennale team helping to raise awareness of this project in the United States. She also worked closely with the North American exhibitors.

Another example of her current work is as the curator of Windows on Death Row (WODR). Hromadka Greenwald was hired as an independent curator by internationally renowned New York Times political cartoonist Patrick Chappatte and journalist Anne-Frédérique Widmann. They led workshops in several US prisons and circulated a call for art in several prison newsletters, resulting in over 60 artworks by US death-row inmates, which explore their lives and the political, racial and moral implications of capital punishment. As curator, she worked closely with Chappatte and Widmann to select artworks, create the overall exhibition design, develop an educational framework, and she produced several interactive elements to encourage dialogue and elicit responses from participants about this complicated and challenging topic. Windows on Death Row debuted at USC in October 2015. It has traveled to the University of North Carolina (2016) and to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University (2016), the University of Houston (2017), and Columbia Law School in NYC (2017).

Below is an archive of selected exhibitions. Please click on an image to see more. 

Hebrew Union College - JIR, Los Angeles

Valley Beth Shalom (VBS)

Exodus (Carol Es)

Veranda (Group Show)

Traveling Exhibitions

Windows on Death Row (WoDR)

The Jerusalem Biennale

Shulamit Gallery