jerusalem Biennale2015
7,567 mi  
tandem group exhibitions 

September 24 - November 5, 2015


7,567miLos Angeles to Jerusalem

Jerusalem Biennale2015

The Second Jerusalem Biennale For Contemporary Jewish Art

The Jewish Artists Initiative (JAI) is proud to have been selected as one of only two North American entries in the Jerusalem Biennale2015. JAI is represented by 39 artists in four venues, in Jerusalem and Los Angeles. 7,567mi explores the physical, spiritual, and cultural connections between Los Angeles and Jerusalem. Despite 7,567 miles of separation, we share commonalities: LA is home to the United States’ second largest Jewish population, and California is home to the second largest Israeli population in the US.  Both are vibrant centers of Jewish life and creativity.  This exhibition attempts to build a cultural bridge between the two.

The Jewish Artist’s Initiative’s exhibition takes place simultaneously at Hebrew Union College-JIR, Los Angeles, American Jewish University, USC Hillel and in Jerusalem, extending the Biennale over almost 8,000 miles and creating opportunities for creative dialogue between our two cities. JAI members responded to the question: What does it mean to be Jewish in LA in the 21st century?  Their diverse responses reflect on the meaning of heritage, cultural pride, global community, the intersection of past/present, and the way that Israel is viewed from the opposite side of the globe. 

Georgia Freedman-Harvey & Anne Hromadka, Curators

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