Doni Silver Simons
de-noue-ment (n.)
Shulamit Gallery, Los Angeles

March 19 - May 23, 2013 
Photo Credit: Gene Ogami


Doni Silver Simons is known for her abstract canvases, sculptures and installations that document the passage of time and memory. She believes that it is the artist’s purpose to investigate and attempt to demystify universal questions. As such, it is through art that these inquires are explored, deconstructed, and revealed. 

dé•noue•ment (n.) combined two seminal bodies of work. The title references both the metaphoric and literal aspects of Silver Simons’ practice. Three totemic works originating from the classic fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin were featured prominently in the exhibition. They took on the lyrical facets of storytelling as the residuum of her durational performances. As part of her discourse, Silver Simons physically deconstructed her primary medium: the canvas.

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